For forthcoming NBA 2K17 update, some details have been revealed, recently, even if one did fix some issues, however, some issues still existing, what's more, it already bother players,usually, fans are expecting that a new update will fix these issues as well as make the game better. Some details apparently have been unveiled, for this new update, it's soon to be anticipated by fans. You have chance to get more cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

New fixes for the upcoming update were revealed on Twitter when Mike Wang answered some fan questions. Wang is the gameplay director of this year’s basketball simulator, so his answers will mean a lot to fans of the game. They probably appreciate that he takes time to answer these queries.


The gameplay director also confirmed that the next update will fix the relentless finishers that have been bothering some players. In the meantime, Wang has suggested that players use more floaters if they are planning to counter these measures. At the least, it is possible to beat someone with these relentless finishers.

It’s clear that an NBA 2K17 update is needed. While the game is far from broken, the number of bugs that have been plaguing it is quite alarming. It’s nothing new with yearly releases, however, this also makes the situation a bit sadder. For more information about NBA 2K17,please focus on:

NBA 2K17 UPDATE 1.05

One thing that fans want from the NBA 2K17 update is improved shooting. Some fans complained at the ease of shooting hoops in the game, which is supposedly getting fixed. Wang confirmed this in one of his tweets, so fans who think shooting is too easy will be pleased with this statement. It will be interesting to see what other fixes will be added to this year’s game.

Wang promises that shots will be harder in a future update. It seems like a “be careful what you wish for” type scenario, since difficult shooting might tick off some gamers. Still, it’s better than having matches that are too easy or unfair. You have to visit official sites to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4.